Water Treatment Effeciency a Goal of the NYSERDA

The New York State Research and Development Authority, (NYSERDA) focuses its efforts on finding solutions for meeting the energy goals of the state. These efforts include reducing energy consumption, supporting and developing renewable sources for energy, and helping to preserve and protect our precious environment.

One such area which perhaps gets less attention than it should is the problem of water treatment and usage. Considering the fact that treating water and wastewater consumes about 3 billion kWh of electricity each and every year, it behooves us to find ways of saving a portion of this enormous electric bill. Due to the pressures of shrinking resources, ever more stringent regulatory demands, and the rising costs of creating new infrastructure there is great incentive in finding ways to lower operating costs and decrease the carbon footprint municipalities leave behind.

The NYSERDA helps municipalities throughout New York to take on innovative technologies which are already commercially available which can increase their efficiency and improve the economics of the treatment facilities which they run. Hopefully they can also meet or improve on the regulatory requirements of the state, and reduce their impact on the environment.