New York Power Authority Improving Life

The New York Power Authority, or NYPA, is the biggest state public power organization in the country. It is well-known that the NYPA produces among the cheapest electricity in all of North America. The NYPA operates 17 power generating plants and controls over 1,400 circuit miles of transmission lines.

Because the power the NYPA generates is so affordable it is therefore economically feasible to support over 400,000 jobs throughout the state of New York. They sell power to a large variety of businesses, from Fortune 100 mega-companies who must compete in the international marketplace, all the way down to small manufacturing or service companies which are the lifeblood of our local economies.

The NYPA is not satisfied with these achievements however. They are also actively involved in the promotion of energy efficiency and the development of clean energy technologies. Every year the NYPA commits $100 million to a variety of energy services, including the promotion of energy efficiency upgrades of buildings such as the Clarence D. Rappleyea building in White Plains and demonstrating the practical uses of solar photovoltaic systems which use the sun as a source for electricity. By the year 2006 the NYPA had already exceeded the remarkable figure of $1 billion in total investment in these special programs.