NYPA Serving Residents Reliably and Innovatively

The New York Power Authority has three main mandates: to generate and transmit power for the citizens of New York State; to provide a variety of energy related services; and to stimulate economic development for New York businesses which ultimately benefit everyone.

It might not be such a well-known fact, but about 80% of all the electricity which the NYPA produces comes from the clean and renewable resource known as hydropower. Reliability of service to its customers is hovering at about 98% and the NYPA is continuing work to create even better results with large-scale improvements and upgrades to the present system.

The energy services at the NYPA help New Yorkers save. Last year there was a savings of close to $120 million and oil use was reduced by almost 2.4 million barrels helping to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere by 760,000 tons.