NYECC Supports Energy Consumers

The New York Energy Consumers Council (NYECC) is a not-for-profit organization that supports and is supported by energy consumers of all stripes. For the past twenty years the NYECC, and for fifty years previously as the Owners’ Committee on Electric Rates, Inc., has advocated for fair pricing and other energy issues on behalf of hospitals, universities, financial institutions, property managers, public benefit corporations, ESCOs, and energy consumers within the Con Edison service area.

The NYECC takes pride in the fact that it has always been involved in the public energy rate-making process, thereby saving consumers millions of dollars. Today the NYECC is involved in either mitigating, creating and/or improving:

• Programs for Demand Response
• No sales tax on the delivery of natural gas to consumers
• Limits on wholesale peak power pricing in the summer
• Rates of economic development such as Power for Jobs and Business Incentive Rate
• NYSERDA options for funding
• ICAP (for those with on-site generation)
• Regulations controlling emissions for those with on-site power generation

Most recently the NYECC has worked to negotiate a settlement with Con Edison over the rate increase of steam. The NYECC intervention will help save energy consumers millions of dollars of the course of the next two years. As of June 10th the staff of the Public Service Commission (PSC) recommended the approval of the NYECC proposal by the Commission. The NYECC was the only advocacy group which focused on what could have been severe re-design of the steam rates, which had the potential to expose consumers to an unbalanced and less than fair percentage of the rate increase.