Con Edison Pushing for Solar Energy Development in New York

One of the most mainstream and well-recognized of New York utilities, Con Edison, has been pushing for the development of solar energy resources in New York City. In February of this year the mega-utility Con Edison filed a proposal with the PSC (Public Service Commission) of New York to back the development of 25 megawatts of solar power by the year 2015. The utility proposed that the state budget about $25 million out of its total renewable energy funds towards programs to promote the use of solar energy for residential and commercial consumers in the city.

The incentives which are being proposed will focus on smaller solar projects, such as offering cash rebates to customers dependent upon how much energy their solar panels produce. Another proposed program will help to encourage the generation of solar power in places which could benefit the electric system as a whole the most. There is also an additional program designed to stimulate the use of solar power in low-income residences in New York City.

“We believe that New York City, with its urban roof-scape, has great potential as a center for solar power and we are confident that we can use our unique knowledge of our customers to make that a reality,” said John Mucci, vice president of Engineering and Planning at Con Edison. “We’re eager to take a greater leadership role in helping the state meet its ambitious renewable energy goals.”