First Anniversary of the NYEPI

Exactly one year ago, on October 5, 2009, Governor David A. Paterson announced the start of the New York Energy Policy Institute. The mandate of the NYEPI is to coordinate the large number of projects going on in many of New York’s leading research centers. The members of the NYEPI are acknowledged experts in the field of energy resource development and as such they have been and will continue to be able to offer their expertise to be a resource for New York’s policy makers.

In Governor Paterson’s announcement he said that, “New York already has some of the brightest minds in the world and extensive academic expertise in the clean energy economy. For the first time, they will work together to provide analysis and strategies to inform State policy makers, and the beneficiaries will be the everyday New Yorkers who will get cheaper and cleaner energy. We are transforming New York State into the global leader in renewable energy resources and energy efficiency, and by doing so creating a self-sustaining economy that will put people to work and can export technology around the world.”

The NYEPI was created with monies totaling $200,000 a year for three years in order to achieve the goals set for it. These goals include finding ways to introduce more energy efficiency into energy usage, reduce pollution which originates from energy generation and use, while simultaneously looking for ways to stimulate economic development and create jobs. The most fundamental issues will revolve around electric power generation, transmission and the use of heating fuel. Increased work is expected to be done on finding new and more energy efficient ways to utilize transportation throughout the U.S.