New York Scores Well in Energy Usage

The United States Energy Information Administration makes available to the public independent statistics and analysis with which both policy makers and citizens can make informed decisions about the way they use energy at work and at home. This government office has done research and collected data on the status of energy use of every kind in all the states of the nation. A quick perusal of what they have to say about New York offers some surprising, or maybe not so surprising facts:

•    Consumption of energy in New York is among the lowest in the country, per capita, partly because of New York’s great reliance on public transportation.

•    The area between New Jersey and New York, the New York Harbor, is able to store over 75 million barrels of petroleum in its bulk terminal storage areas. This amount of storage capacity makes New York the largest petroleum product center in the entire Northeast.

•    There is a proposed pipeline being discussed which could transport up to 10 million gallons of ethanol (an alternative fuel) each day from points in the Midwest to terminals in the Northeast, including New York Harbor.

•    East of the Rockies New York is the largest producer of hydroelectric power in the nation.

•    The Robert Moses Niagara plant is a 2,353-megawatt facility which captures hydroelectric power from the Niagara River is one of the world’s largest hydroelectric plants in the world.