Deregulation Helps Consumers Save Money

Ever since New York State deregulated  power companies, including Con Edison, New Yorkers have had the opportunity to save money by shopping around for the best service among the many suppliers of electricity and natural gas, known as ESCOs (Energy Supply Company.)

If you haven’t switched to a different supplier because you were afraid that it was hard to change, or you might get poorer service, or you might end up paying more, you should be reassured that there is a potential to get better service and lower prices by investigating what the choices available to you are.

Most power companies make it easy to make the switch, since they are anxious to get your business.

You can begin your search at At this web site you can compare how much each power supply company charges in your area.

Here is a list of electricity and natural gas suppliers from which you may choose, but please note that this is just a partial list, and there are many more, creating a marketplace of fierce competition.

  • IDT Energy                  1-877-887-6866
  • MXenergy                    1-800-375-1277
  • Ambit Energy             1-877-282-6248