Wind Power Blowing in to New York

Wind power education is on the curriculum of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, better known as NYSERDA. Part of the popular School Power…Naturally? program, adults and students can investigate what the potential energy production would be generated if wind turbines were built throughout the state of New York.  By using the New York State Virtual Wind Farm Tool, interested students and adults can learn about wind energy in a realistic, exciting way.

The New York State Virtual Wind Farm Tool allows students to understand the elements involved in designing wind farms. This on-line tool is a graphical, computer application that gives students a chance to get a first-hand, hands-on experience understanding the wind resources that exist in New york state, and to actually (virtually) design their own wind farm. The concepts students will encounter and have to deal with are:

•    What are the factors that will affect the location of a wind farm, and what geographic features of a site make it a good or bad choice as a location for a wind farm.
•    Where in New York would the most productive wind farms be located?
•    How modifying the wind tower and/or turbine affects the energy output of the tower and its particular cost effectiveness.