NYSERDA Emphasizes Solar Education in New York Schools

NYSERDAThe New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, otherwise known at the NYSERDA, offers several programs designed to encourage, support and motivate various sectors in the public arena to utilize solar electric power in their daily lives. One such program is the School Power…Naturally? Program. Funded with a substantial 2.1 million dollars, the School Power…Naturally? Program functions as part of the NYSERDA’s New York Energy $mart? Schools Program.

School Power… Naturally? is available to all schools in New York State with the goal of educating New Yorkers about energy in general and more specifically about the benefits of solar electric power and wind power and the role these alternative forms of energy can play in people’s lives at home, at school and at work, too.

New York Energy $mart? Schools Program selected 50 schools back in 2003 to receive a solar energy and date collection system. This system is worth $24,000 and was given in return to a contribution from each school of only $1,500. The emphasis of the program is on education, emphasizing the benefits solar and wind power can have on the day to day lives of New Yorkers.