Statement From Entergy About New York Nuclear Power

Entergy Nuclear runs several nuclear power plants around the country and in New York State. In light of the tragic and frightening events taking place in Japan as a result of the earthquake that hit the enormous there on Friday March 11, Entergy released a statement which expressed sympathy with the people of Japan and the fact that Entergy is monitoring the events in Japan as they unfold in close coordination with U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Nuclear Energy Institute, the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations and industry peers. Through the auspices of NEI, Entergy has been able to offer whatever support and assistance which could be of help to the nuclear energy industry of Japan.

Entergy’s statement went on the reassure the public in the US that,

“Entergy’s nuclear plants were designed and built to withstand the effects of natural disasters, including earthquakes and catastrophic flooding. The NRC requires that safety-significant structures, systems and components be designed to take into account the most severe natural phenomena historically reported for each site and surrounding area. In determining the appropriate standards, the NRC includes an added safety margin to ensure that the standards take into account the risk that a future event, such as an earthquake or flooding, could be more severe than any recorded historical event. Systems are designed with multiple contingent backup systems to provide greater safety margins.”

Entergy also has in place several programs to further guarantee the safety of their power plants:
•    Continuous risk analysis and improved design which are constantly addressing man-made and natural risk factors.
•    Intensive operator training which prepares workers for unusual and extreme circumstances, including practice runs and exercises with evaluations by the NRC.
•    The design and implementation of plans to respond to emergencies which will first and foremost protect the public’s health and safety. There are regular drills conducted in full cooperation with cooperation with federal, state and local organizations.