Improved Fuel Economy for Boats Obtained with Newly Developed High-Tech Coating

Duane Palmeeter of Greenfield Manufacturing

Greenfield Manufacturing Inc, producer of boat coatings which help reduce water friction, in partnership with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, (NYSERDA) has created a product which allows boats to travel faster while at the same time improving their fuel economy.

The NYSERDA gave $340,000 to Greenfield over the past three years in the context of two different incentive projects. As a result of the investment Greenfield developed HullSpeed, which is a high-tech coating that is applied to the outer surface of boats in a similar way to paint. Companies which have tried this product have reported up to 8.5% reduction in fuel costs, in addition to increasing the speed with which the boat can travel.

“Greenfield Manufacturing Inc. is excited to bring HullSpeed Performance Marine Coatings to the marketplace, thanks in part to NYSERDA,” said Duane Palmateer, president of Greenfield. “HullSpeed coatings solve a critical performance issue in the boat coatings marketplace, and the environmental and energy-saving potential of this technology in the commercial marine industry is staggering.”