Green Apple Map Presents Environmentally Friendly Slice of New York City

Green Apple Map of New York

The Green Map System is a global non-profit organization with a local project known as the Green Apple Map. In 1992 the original Green Apple Map was created by Modern World Design. Three years later, in 1995, the Global Green Map System was launched, and then in the year 2000 the entire project became a non-profit organization.

Wendy E. Brawer is the founding director:

“The first Green Apple Map had fewer than 150 green sites, and by 2000, our 4th citywide edition had about 1,000. It showed us how far NYC had come and helped everyone understand the challenges ahead in greening our community. We were growing beyond the city, too, and had over 100 locally-led active Green Mapmaking teams and 36 Green Maps published worldwide by the turn of the century! The Green Map is clearly an effective response to today’s sustainability challenges!”

Green Apple Maps are available in print and on-line and beautifully chart the diverse environment of New York City. The map brings New Yorkers closer to nature and the culture of green living, pointing out places to go, eat, work and play which emphasizes the importance of the environment and its preservation.