Tips for Summer Energy Savings

Most people would be amazed to find out how many ways they can save money on their energy bill by doing the most simple of tasks.  The typical home spends approximately $1900 a year on their energy costs.  This amount can be lowered, without having an impact on your family.

Here are some fast and easy tips for saving money on your energy bill.

  1. Energy Supplier Check: Deregulation in many states has meant that customers have the option to select their own energy supplier.  This has created an environment of competitive pricing.  Companies like HIKO Energy offer competitive pricing, while still delivering exactly the same energy to your home.  And, since HIKO Energy and the many others have to remain in compliance with all of the regulations of the Public Service Commission, you’ll know that you’re getting a safe product.
  2. Appliance Use: Many people don’t realize this, but they can actually save money with their microwave and their dishwasher.  The microwave is actually one of the most energy efficient ways to cook, as it uses two-thirds less energy than the stove.  The dishwasher, similarly, uses less water than washing dishes by hand.
  3. Thermostat Use: Set your thermostat to 78 degrees when you are home, and put it at 85 degrees or turn it off when you’re not there.  Install ceiling or room fans for even more savings.  You’ll save 1-3% on your energy bill for each degree that the thermostat is set above 72.
  4. Other Tips: Avoid running appliances during the peak hours.  Use the cold water setting for your laundry and line dry clothing when you can.  Always run the dryer with full loads and make sure to clean the dryer lint trap after each use.  Only use your dishwasher when it’s full and don’t use the dry cycle; rather let the dishes air dry.

None of these tips will alter your life significantly, and yet they’ll allow you to save in small areas.  And, as anyone working on a budget knows, small areas can mean great savings over time!