Surviving the Heat wave Financially

Everyone is having a hard time with the heat these days.  Temperatures are rising like never before.  People feel like they are almost suffocating.  So, inevitably, the air conditioning unit goes on from morning until night.  That in turn will mean rather large bills.  But what are you meant to do?  Swelter?  No.  If you just follow these few tips then you will reduce your bills significantly:

a)    Check for air conditioning efficiency:  bring in a professional to check that your unit is running at its peak.  A leaking duct can reduce it by up to 20% so that’s a significant saving.

b)    Hire a trusted company to install your air conditioning: you want to make sure the company knows exactly what they are doing; you need to get a unit that will suit your needs; don’t be fooled into getting an extra-large unit that you don’t need as this will just waste energy and won’t be as effective in reducing humidity.

c)    Regularly clean air ducts: a dirty unit will reduce efficiency.

d)    Use a thermostat: this could bring a saving of up to $180 a year if you allow higher daytime temperatures.

If you follow these few tips you really could end up saving a lot of money without having to go without.  No one expects you to limit the air conditioning use in crazy heat waves, but, by implementing these easy tips, you can really make a difference to your bill.