New York’s East River Alternative Source of Power

There are six tidal turbines in the East River of New York City which produce electricity from the flowing water. Trey Taylor, owner of Verdant Power, says that these turbines are “the first underwater turbines to be connected to an urban grid generating electricity for American customers.” The power produced is presently being delivered to the supermarket Gristedes located on Roosevelt Island.

Mr. Taylor explains that fish in the river are not in any way harmed or bothered. Verdant has a local headquarters found on Roosevelt Island, an ecologically designed “Octagon” building close to the water where the turbines are located. The turbines blades are turned by tidal currents and not by waves, according to Mr. Taylor, and they rotate about 17 hours per day.  Further explaining the technology, Mr. Taylor asserted that although this technology is categorized as a type of hydro-power, it really is more closely related to wind power.