ENERGY STAR Homes Residence of Energy Savings in New York

People considering building a new home in New York State should consider the benefits of building a New York ENERGY STAR home. Utilizing technologies which have proven to be beneficial and advanced building techniques will guarantee that the new home will use energy in the most efficient possible way.

The New York ENERGY STAR® Homes Program offers the following benefits to those planning on building a new home in the near future:

•    It has been shown that New York ENERGY STAR homes use about 30% less energy than ordinary homes which were built in the conventional method.
•    Because the ENERGY STAR home is more energy efficient utility bills are lower, reducing the overall cost of owning and running the home.
•    Technologies used in ENERGY STAR homes are proven through their use in tens of thousands of homes.
•    Experience enhanced quality of life and comfort in a quieter, healthier home which you and your family will enjoy in any and all types of weather conditions.
•    Enjoy the satisfaction you will get from knowing that you have built a more durable, valuable and environmentally sound home.