Con Edison: History

Con Edison has a long history, going back to 1823 when the New York Gas Light Company was founded and thereafter entitled to serve the whole of Manhattan, choosing to focus on street lighting.  A year later one of the company’s founders was the first to illuminate his house with gas.

This was an exciting venture for the people of New York, leading to the ‘enlightenment’ of over 300 homes and stores via gas lamps.  Various different utility companies arose and developed energy infrastructure over the years following these early beginnings that led to the fueling and sustenance of New York City’s growth.  The milestone came however, in 1879 when Thomas Edison showed his latest invention – the incandescent light bulb, leading to gas companies developing new uses for their product and utilizing gas for cooking and heating.  Five years following that a group of executives met at Manhattan Gas Light’s 4 Irivng Place headquarters (today’s location of Con Edison HQ) to join forces to become the Consolidated Gas Company of NY.

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